What we can learn from kids

Working with children is a very humbling experience. They have a way about them which is so honest and real, they cut to the chase and majority of them live in the here and now. I am so grateful to be a witness to the growth of my students and I take something special away from every class.

Kids have no problem telling you like it is! There’s no way you’ll get away with a bad hair day, an unexpected pimple that’s popped up or sweaty armpits on a hot, summer’s day, they’ll ask you immediately – “What’s that red thing on your face?” or “ Why is your hair funny?” or the one I found really amusing “Why do you have water under your arms?” hehehe.

Some lessons we can learn from our beautiful children are:

1)    Honesty – tell it like is and then move on, of course as adults we can press the filter button to make sure we aren’t being hurtful toward another. But being your authentic self is a vital life lesson for us to learn.

2)    Don’t take things so personally – one learns quickly when working with children that as soon as they have pointed out the thing they are curious about they very quickly move on. As adults we can take that cue, if someone says something to you, which may give your ego a bit of a knock, try your best to let it go and move on. It’s more than likely the other person doesn’t even remember saying it!

3)    Live in the present – Children are very quick to forgive and forget and move on, they are totally focused on what is happening right now.

I found this lovely article written by the Huffington post about 10 things we can learn from our kids. It’s worth a read and gets you thinking 🙂


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