Online Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

We here at Blissful Kids Creative Yoga have created an online children’s yoga teacher training course that has been derived from our in-person training. Our program is geared towards therapists, parents, teachers, yoga instructors. This course is for anyone who has a passion for working with children and understands the amazing benefits of bringing yoga into their lives, studios, classrooms, therapy sessions or homes.

Our online children’s yoga teacher training course was developed because we wanted to be able to reach more people, so that they can bring the magic of yoga to the children in their circles like a trickle effect of positivity, most of us who discovered yoga as adults realise what an amazing tool it would have been to cope with as a child, the more children we share this with the more compassionate our future generations will be.

In this course you will go on a journey of discovery and at the same time that you are learning valuable tools to teach children.

We have 5 units of work. Each unit requires self-study, reading, homework, a webinar and daily self-practice of yoga for the duration of the course. Feel uplifted and uplift others in return. Turn your passion into something that can make a difference in young lives.

Creative Yoga is all about creating a sense of peace (w)holistically, within your body and mind and we do that by using breathing practices, yoga poses, art and meditation.

The course will give you access to video content and training manuals. Once you have completed this program you will have the ability and confidence to teach Creative Yoga to children.

Why not take the first step towards the betterment of our future generations? Get in touch with us to receive an info booklet and start your journey of teaching yoga to children!


Anja & Jani

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