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We focus on nurturing each child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic and creative potentials. This approach recognizes the intimate interconnectedness of the mind, body and breath. We are dedicated to empowering children, parents, caregivers and teachers. We aim to develop a sense of peace, nurture self-love, cultivate connection and advance the child’s holistic development.

Holistic Living

Blissful Kids offers Creative Yoga for children. This is held at various schools and studios in Cape Town. We’re very proud of our Yoga and Art workshops for Parent and Child, as well as our Kids Holiday Programs. Our range of beautiful products will tickle your imagination and inspire little yogi’s. These have all been hand-picked and created with mindfulness and love.

Our Products

We’ve created Holistic Products for our aspirant yogi’s which will inspire magic, focus and inner peace for their Creative Yoga practice. We’ve incorporated yoga, positive thinking, creative expression and feel good stories tailored to delight the senses. Our products are homemade with love, and include a mindful message designed to encourage the connection to self, to others and the natural world.

creative yoga

Creative Yoga Classes

'Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world...'
Shakta Khalsa



Research shows yoga can provide that peaceful place, by bringing about a sense of well being for students as they are given the tools to express their true selves emotionally and physically in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. Yoga is the union of the body mind and emotions, through this connection students become more in touch with themselves, their loved ones and the planet.

Mindfulness for children.

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a complementary modality, which is used to balance and encourage the child. Children are naturally attracted to colourful objects and intuitively know that the use of colour can be beneficial, this is evident in the bright colours they are attracted to in their wardrobes. Colour therapy can be incorporated through art, playing with light, material and gemstones.


Life Skills

When we teach children how to respect and love their bodies, how to use their minds as a positive tool and how to connect with their emotions, we are teaching them the fundamentals of being a peaceful and happy person. Self-love grows self-care and respect, which in turn creates care of others and the planet. Blissful Kids strives to encourage positive thinking for a positive planet.



Strategically we use books, cards and other props to bring in an element of creativity within our lessons. This way we are also supporting learning and reading skills. We incorporate education in an exciting way so children don’t realise that although they are having fun, they are also cementing foundational and educative groundwork which will aid them at school.  


Integrative Curriculum

The Blissful Kids curriculum is an integrative system, which not only includes Yoga but also explores Art, Colour Therapy, Storytelling, Life Skills and Positive Affirmations. Blissful Kids’ lessons are specifically tailored to cater to the developmental needs of each age group so that the children are engaged and stimulated throughout their time with us.


Special Kids

Although all of our children are special we have some which need that extra bit of attention. Children who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Hypersensitivity, Autism etc have all benefitted enormously from introducing a regular Yoga practice into their lives. We believe these children are extraordinary and are here on earth to teach us patience, kindness and respect.

How it’s done

Blissful Kids Creative Yoga program takes a holistic approach to children’s wellbeing. The curriculum is designed to allow children to explore themselves on an emotional, mental and physical level through Creative Yoga which is comprised of Yoga, Art, Colour Therapy, Storytelling and Life Skills.

We recognize that there’s an underlying desire to create peace and harmony within our society, within our schools, within our homes and within ourselves.

We are bombarded by noise,media and over-stimulation, which leads to a busy and stressful environment. All we’re really looking for is that peaceful place. We create and hold the space within which the child can relax, communicate and connect.

The sense of community that is found in the structure of a Creative Yoga class is reflected in the children who participate. They learn to become more open, relaxed, welcoming and understanding.

Blissful Kids guides children to focus on their own capabilities rather than being competitive with others.

Curriculum Content

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Blissful Kids offers Kids Yoga, Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Holiday Programs and Holistic Products. Our Creative Yoga is found at various Schools and Private Studios in Cape Town. Our Products are in several stores and online. Our Training sessions, Workshops and Retreats are held at Private Studios and Getaways.

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