Blissful Kids Parent & Child

Yoga & Art Workshops

With life as busy as it is, why not spend some quality time with your child at one of our Yoga and Art workshops? Nurture and strengthen the sacred bond while getting your creative juices flowing. Take some time out to laugh and play!

This workshop promotes a meaningful bond between parents and their children and encourages a sense of community and togetherness.

We provide a safe space where the emphasis is on building trust and nurturing the family connection.

What we'll get up to

'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success'
Henry Ford


Yoga is the union of the body, mind and emotions, through this connection kids learn how to respect and love their bodies, how to use their minds as positive tools, and how to connect with their emotions.

Process Art

We hold a loving space for you and your child to expand, grow and feel safe. In this space, you will create, play and explore with colour and other materials which will intrigue your senses and encourage your creativity.


Enjoying a peaceful atmosphere together is a beautiful way to strengthen your connection. When we are relaxed we communicate clearly and we can have more intimate moments.

Mindful Moments

Being fully present in each other's company leads to a fuller appreciation and acceptance of each other, spending time together in a parent and child workshop is an amazing way to strengthen your relationship.

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