Using Creative Yoga to cope with stress – for Children and Adults

There’s no denying we live in a hurry up, rushed, be here, go there, quick paced society. It is so easy to get caught up in it. Those moments when you stop and breathe, and have a quick realization at how you were running around like a headless chicken, those are the moments we need to stretch, recreate and linger in. When you take time out to just be – and aren’t thinking of the next thing to do! Yoga classes (for both adults and children) provide that feeling of allowing your-self to let go and be perfectly happy with some me time.
After all, if you think about it, we have so much more quality in our actions when we are in a peaceful state than in that fuzzy, not all there, rushed state of mind.
I know that after I have spent a weekend at a Yoga retreat, or after a balancing treatment, or done my daily practice everything seems to flow. The days that I don’t things seem much more taxing, things go wrong and things that I’d usually brush off seem a lot bigger than they actually are.
It’s important for all of us, children and adults alike, to take the time to relax, rewind and let go. Many of us were taught from a young age that things only get done from an anxious state of mind, but if you take some time to reflect, we get much more done when we are at peace and go with the flow! This is one of the many blessings that Creative Yoga gives children.

Go check out this article from Huffington Post about stress relief and the many ways we can do it. I love how majority of this article relates to both children and adults.
With Love
Stay Blissful

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