It’s a New Year, welcome to 2015! Starting School the Blissful Kids Creative Yoga Way!

After the festivities of December, the time comes to settle down. You can almost feel the change in the air. Parent’s head back to work and the count down begins for our little ones and not so little ones to start a new grade, or perhaps a new school, maybe even in a new city or country. No matter how small or big the change is perceived to be, change is change. There is a nervous excitement, which surrounds the unknown. Change is inevitable, no matter how old we are. Learning to cope and accept change in a calm state of mind can do us good throughout life.

Yoga Poses

Using calming Yoga poses will be very helpful now, Downward Dog, Child’s Pose and even simple standing or seated Forward Bends will help to come within, too often when we get nervous, we disconnect from our true selves and start to look outward for acceptance, for guidance, for a coping mechanism. When we go inwards, we are looking towards someone we can always count on – ourselves!


The breath works wonders to change our state of being, if you notice your child becoming anxious about any up coming changes that they may be about to experience, it could be an amazing teachable moment. Take the time to come to eye level, look into their eyes and take a loooong breath in and out. Every time you take that breath make it longer, deeper and smoother. Wait until you notice the anxious energy change into one of peace. When you have both extended your breath, ask your child if they noticed the subtle change. Talk about how they could always do that, with or without you.


Positive statements can change your outlook on difficult situations. Take a minute to talk to your child about what their inner dialog is and explain that because we want the best experience we should choose our best thoughts. The way we can choose our best thought is by choosing good feeling thoughts. Remember to keep affirmations short, say them out loud or silently. Some ideas are : I am clever, It is easy for me to make friends, I love my school, I love myself.

I found this lovely article by which has a couple more things you can do to calm those back to school jitters.

May you have an easy transition into 2015, I hope it brings many blessings to you and your family.

Stay Blissful



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