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Blissful Kids has developed a beautiful and unique Children’s Yoga Teacher Training which will ensure you will become a holistic mentor for children from as young as three all the way up to their teens.

Do you have a passion for Yoga, art, children or inspiring the youth to become their best selves? People who are interested in teaching children yoga may be therapists, OT’s, school teachers, parents, caregivers, the list is endless, your passion for the children and yoga is what matters most.  

When you join us for our Children’s Yoga Teacher Training you will unpack the Yoga philosophy and learn how to make it child friendly. Our course is split into 5 modules, Module 1 & 2 fall under the Foundation course which is hosted over two weekends, it is jam packed with information about children’s yoga as well as art projects.

This amazing experience takes you on a healing journey with your own inner child and unlocks things within you to make you the best teacher you can be.

Our Advanced course hosts Module 3 & 4, here we dive a bit deeper and cover things like anatomy, the Yama’s and Niyama’s (kind of like the do’s and don’t of living a yogic lifestyle), Ayurveda, the Chakras (our bodies energy system) and a whole lot more juicy info, it is developed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Yoga and how to give age old information to children in a fun way.

The last section of the course is Module 5 – the mentorship program, this is where you spend time observing and teaching lessons of your own with the knowledge you have gained.

By the time you have completed your course with us you will feel confident enough to host your own classes and build a (w)holistic business that caters towards making the world a better place through teaching kids yoga.

Our course is currently run in Cape Town, but we are happy to travel. Please be in contact if you think Blissful Kids Teacher Training would do well in your city!?

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Anja and Jani

Blissful Kids Creators

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