Anna and her Rainbow-colored Yoga Mats – book review- Blissful Kids Creative Yoga Cape Town

The title of this beautiful book immediately caught my eye and so when I got the opportunity to read and review it I was super excited!

The book begins with Anna, she is starting out at a new school and she moves through her first few days exploring her Yoga practice on different coloured yoga mats. At first she has a few funny looks and the children whisper about her, but it doesn’t take too long before she has a group of new Yoga friends. I love how this book takes the real life trials that children encounter and makes them easy for anyone to understand. I would highly recommend it to schoolteachers, kids yoga instructors, students, mothers, grand parents and any other Yoga enthusiast. It has a beautiful flow and is a lighthearted read but with the valuable underlying message of acceptance.

The Author, Giselle Shardlow has a real knack for combining Yoga and story telling, she has also written: Sophia’s Jungle Adventure, Good Night Animal World, Luke’s Beach Day, The ABC of Australian Animals and Hello Bali – which are ALL on my wish list to collect in the future.

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Happy reading!



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