Spring Time! An inspiring time for Creative Yoga classes for Children.

The smell of Jasmine as you walk through the garden, the warmth of the Sun when you go outside, the lightness in the hearts of the children when they play outside. Spring has sprung! Yay!
It’s a wonderful time of the year and very inspiring when it comes to creating Kids Yoga classes! The ideas are endless and can be incorporated into the home, the school classroom or just about anywhere.
This is a wonderful season to bring in the senses too, sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Which naturally lends itself to a mindfulness exercise of eating fruit (go check out this downloadable PDF – it has the benefits of eating mindfully as well as a script for you to use, love it! Thanks University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital)


I am quite the nature enthusiast too, so I will be incorporating planting seedlings into my classes in the weeks to come, using recycled tins and decorating them to create beautiful pot plants leading into discussing how to care for plants, what they need to survive and how we need them to survive. This type of thing does not only have to be found in the classroom, it is the type of thing everyone who has anything to do with children can do, anywhere.
I found this lovely lesson from Kidsyogasories.com too, take a look, bring it into your space! You wont be disappointed!
Stay Blissful,
Love Anja

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