June July Winter Yoga and Art Workshop – 2014

The winter holidays are always my favorite, I love being inside when the grey skies and rain hit us here in Cape Town. This year I hosted two workshop’s with the fabulous Susie Apple by who is an incredible Art teacher. We used our usual venue, the picturesque school – Stepping Stones Montessori in Oranjezicht. The days usually start with our chosen art project and we end off with some Yoga. The children create such amazing pieces and there are often times during the art were there is complete silence as they become so mindful of their creative process.

It is beautiful. We usually then have a break and come back in for our Yoga class which is met with as much enthusiasm as the Art.


We were blessed enough to get some amazing photographs of the children from Nicholi Dipaola she is an incredible photographer and I must just give her a big Thank You for the beautiful pictures that she has provided. I would highly recommend her if ever you need a photographer. Go check out her work on www.nicholidipaola.co.za

The days go quickly because we have so much fun. I can’t wait for the next set of holidays to do it all again! XXX

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