Sharing the Kids Yoga message

Hello beautiful beings, may this day bring love and happiness to you. Take a minute to think about what you have that you can be grateful for 🙂
I have just watched this clip from Jodi Kormiter from Next Generation Yoga, she has so many great ideas and tips for any Yoga enthusiasts.
Jodi makes such a valid point and one that I can relate to personally because for a while I did not believe in myself and kept my message very close to my heart, nowadays I chat to anyone who is interested. And I’m finding there are more and more interested people!
Sharing why you love Yoga with the world, is so important.
You never know who is listening and who is going to try it out for the first time or who will pass the word on.
Sharing the joys and benefits of Children’s Yoga is even more important (in my eyes). Yoga for Adults is well accepted and appreciated around Town. Kids Yoga is relatively new and for those of us who are witness to it know how much love and light it brings to our children, your experience and your message will find the right ears, don’t be afraid to talk about why Yoga is so amazing and why you have chosen to: take your child to classes or to teach it or just appreciate and acknowledge it and all the good things it is doing.
Namaste – Stay Blissful!


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