Blissful Kids Holistic Living – Our Story

Our story began in 2016 over a cup of coffee with a few ideas floating around. Being in the Children’s Yoga world, it doesn’t take long to meet people with the same inspirations and ideals.  It was during one of those coffee dates that we sat and chatted (with many ‘ahaa’ moments!), and realized that we had so much in common, and so many similar ambitions. We came to the conclusion that together we could make it happen; we could turn our ideas into reality.

With the help of an amazing company called New Normal, we started the business merger process, and what a journey it’s been! We squeezed meetings into our already full timetables, and grabbed time from any gap we could find, and the ideas began to take shape. Then one day it clicked: Blissful Kids Creative Yoga would be transformed into Blissful Kids Holistic Living. A beautiful space to nourish your child, with Creative Yoga being the primary focus. We’ve also decided to expand into creating mindful products, teacher trainings, parent and child workshops, and kids school holidays workshops.

We’ve put a lot of love and energy into developing our website, and we’re proud to say it’s easy to use and visually beautiful. We’re in the process of developing our products and building relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs so that we can also bring their wonderful products to our clients.


We strive to bring love where before there was fear, calm where there was unease and ultimately encourage comm-unity where there may have been separation.

We’re so grateful to have met some amazing people along the way and we can’t wait to share our growing ideas with everyone!


Anja and Jani

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