creative yoga

‘We teach what we love and we love what we teach.’

In this day and age our potential for synergy and creative evolution has increased exponentially. At Blissful Kids we observe the child as a whole and teach them to make the connection from a young age that the mind, body and spirit is intertwined and interconnected. Furthermore, what you think and what you feel will affect your body. Our bodies store our emotions and our thoughts create our reality. Imbalances/dis-ease or ailments in the body can manifest from unresolved emotions and negative thinking.
The vision is to inspire each child by using tools like yoga, art, movement, stories, connection and positive affirmations. While doing this the right side of the brain is awakened and stimulated. This is the side that connects, creates, intuits and feels harmonious. Yoga means Union. The union of mind, body and spirit or breath. The effortless connection makes for an integrated whole experience, creating a lifestyle of connection. Our Creative Yoga Classes, Products, Retreats, Workshops and Training sessions offer the opportunity to connect, create, focus, calm and discover.


Children are a great blessing to our world, the most amazing teachers and the purest spirits. I have always had an affinity towards children and working with them, which is how my journey started. In 2009 I began my Montessori Level 5 Teacher Training, about 2 months into my course, a Kids Yoga Training almost fell into my lap, as if by divine intervention!
After completing all levels of my Children’s Yoga Teacher Training I followed on to complete my 200hr Adult Yoga Teachers Training in 2011 with Ananda Sanga, a Colour Therapy course with Gayle Friedman in 2013 and then a 100hr Children’s Mindfulness Teacher Training with the Chilled Out Child in 2015.  I have a love of learning and creating. I will continue learning new modalities for as long as my heart desires.
I have successfully introduced Children to Yoga in schools all over Cape Town since 2010 and am continuing to do so to date.
The concept of this integrative curriculum – Creative Yoga – was born from my passion of Colour Therapy, Art and Craft, Yoga and Mindfulness and filters through to into all of the workshops and holiday programs that I host and co-host.
Sharing my passions with my students and their parents has been an absolute delight and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!


I love children, and their way of experiencing life. I’m inspired by their imagination and purity, and this sparked my passion to create a space for each child’s unique development. I passionately believe that the holistic education of our youth is vital to improving their personal life experience, which benefits the broader society, too.
Drawing upon various teaching methods I focus on the development of each individual child, using elements of yoga, art, mindfulness techniques, and encouraging self-love as the pillars. Essentially, my aim is to give kids the tools to fulfill their unlimited potential.
My studies consist of Educare Level 4 Training, and experience with the Waldorf system. On a pedagogical level, I’ve taught at a school and a college in South America. Upon my return, I completed my Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Beaming Kids in 2013, and have been running my own business ever since. In 2014 I completed my Adult Yoga Training through the Moya Institute. During this time, I worked for an NGO, YogaStars, until the end of 2016.
I have a university degree in graphic design and photography. To further my personal development, I’ve completed courses in Western Reiki, Seichem, Meridian Therapy and Karuna.
I’ve successfully run Kids Workshops, Parent and Child Workshops, and facilitated an Introduction to Kids Yoga: Teacher Training. I’ve introduced Kids Yoga to Studios and Schools all over the Southern Peninsula.
I’m so excited to share our Blissful journey with each one of you!


"Jani takes the children for yoga, but it's really much more than that. As an educator, she teaches the kids an appreciation of arts and nature. She plays a holistic and effective role of keeping a healthy space for a group of children that only takes a weekly class. I can only encourage parents to sign up their children for classes as long as possible, as consistent exposure to the Blissful Kids program adds more value to a child's schooling than meets the eye, or the time spent in a class."

Johann Kotze

"Blissful Kids Yoga is our one extra mural we would never want to give up. Jani is an extra special teacher and my twins adore her. I think that yoga is one of the best tools we can give our children in this complex world to help with mindfulness, how to be calm and to know their bodies and themselves. Through their journey in yoga, I have now started yoga myself. Love this studio and the class!"

Camilla Lor

"Jani has an incredible connection with the kids! Mila loves practicing yoga with her and want to become a yogi herself one day. She lights up when speaking about the interaction in the class. I love watching Mila incorporating yoga poses in everyday play and teaching her 1 year old brother poses. Thank you Jani for the love , patience and guidance of our little souls. Namaste"

Liza Wapenaar

"Jani is exceptionally good with children! Her friendly, caring & warm nature makes children naturally gravitate towards her and instils a deep sense of trust. I’ve witnessed her teaching kids yoga and it is so apparent that the little ones love being in her presence and her classes."

Meret Storck

"I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for Declan during these past terms of yoga. He initially did not want to go, but from the very first lesson, he has loved every minute – thank you so much."

Gail Tyler

"Anja has been teaching my 10 year old daughter, Tamsin, yoga for 2 years and she loves it. She was diagnosed as ADHT and yoga with Anja has helped her to calm down and focus. Anja is the most warm, patient and enthusiastic person I have met for a very long time and the children love her. She is passionate about what she does and it shows."

Shona MacDonald