Be the change you wish to see :)

Taking timeout for yourself is always a good thing, I was watching an Urban Yoga YouTube clip on Russell Simmons approach to bringing Yoga into his business and he said something that struck a cord (and I have mentioned in a previous blog) He said “The Anxiety used to feel like a motivating force, if I worry about these things, if I keep running these things over and over in my mind, it will keep me working. And then I discovered it was the opposite after Yoga, I discovered, the freedom is where the ideas come from….” Wise words and oh so very true.

Even though Russell’s clip is about his business I found and underlying message that parents may find helpful. I see many parents and teachers in a rushed and anxious state of mind telling their children to “calm dawn!” The quote from Ghandi (one I use often and love) is very appropriate here – ‘You must be the change you wish to see” We cannot run around a classroom and tell our children to stop running, we cant shout at our children to stop making a noise, we, as the very thing our children look to for inspiration, need to act how we would like to see our children act.


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