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Our products have been hand made, with love. We take joy in sharing our passion for happy & healthy living.
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‘I am’ Yoga Cards for Children

Our inspiring, hand-drawn yoga cards are designed for aspirant Mini Yogis to create their very own Yoga practice. Mindfully designed for children, these cards can be used to start the day, for school time fun, playdates or as a relaxing game before bed. The intention is to encourage the child’s awareness of mind, body, and breath. Play with friends, explore the poses with your family, and most of all, connect and have fun!


Come on a Yoga adventure with us where we learn about yoga and colours. Our books are filled with life lessons, beautiful illustrations and lots of love.


We are very excited about our very own Blissful Kids Clothing Range. This comfortable, unique and stylish range will suit each and every child. Our clothing carries a message and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Sprays & Oils

Use our essential oil sprays and oils to help balance emotions. These are carefully created Ayurvedic blends by Shambhavi Wellness. They have all been smelled, tested and approved by our very special Blissful Kids.

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and is a system of natural healing.

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creative yoga

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