Blissful Kids

one-on-one mentoring

Blissful Kids is offering one-on-one sessions for kids. The session is a combination of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Modalities. We incorporate Reiki, which is a powerful hands-on healing modality to balance a child’s emotions. We work with Colour, Art, Body Awareness, Breath Awareness, Mindful stories, Sound, Movement and Yoga.

Session Structure

'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success'
Henry Ford


All combined to assist the body in releasing toxins, decrease stress , increased physical and emotional wellness. balance emotions, connect to self and others and encourage creative expression.

Art & Creativity

We hold a loving space for children to expand, grow and feel safe. In this space, they create, play and explore with colour and other materials which will intrigue their senses.


‘The children of the future know what’s coming on a deeper level. They have come prepared with insight. 
What they need is to be held with trust and loving boundaries as they find their path. They will show us the way.’

Mindful Moments

‘Meditating is a bit like learning that you have your own ‘super-power’, your own inner power that is always there if you need it....it makes you feel strong.’

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